First post…

Right. So. A blog. Let’s hit the ground running.

Hello. Thank you for reading so far. So why a blog?

Primarily because I can’t be bothered to keep a diary. Believe me, the number of diaries I’ve had for Christmases that have just gathered dust is really digusting. The Greens would be up in arms if they knew. Heck, they’re probably up in arms that I’m not telling them!

So what does one do on these new-fangled blog things? I don’t really know, to be honest, so I’m just going to write about whatever the damn hell is on my mind. Which usually isn’t all that interesting to anyone aside from me, but I’m going to write about it anyway!

And if I can do it on my Blackberry, all the better. About that, the Blackberry – yes I have one and yes I know I’m not a businessman, but I am a student and quite frankly the iPhone is extortionate. But then I suppose Apple is best known for that.

What to ramble about next? I’ve just turned the ripe old age of 20, and god I feel old, as anyone who will listen will already know. Double the age I was ten years ago. I’ll never be able to say that again. Not that I’d want to. But god, I feel old.

So what’s been happening in the bland old life of mine? Nothing that is of any interest to anyone other than me. So I’m going to tell you!

It’s that time of year again (isn’t it always) when one has to offer the promise of their residence to complete strangers, in the hope that said strangers don’t find you weird and vice-versa. And then there’s the odd ‘potential housemate’ friendships, consisting of giving out your number, email address and PIN number (not really but it may as well be) like they’re your best friend, then realising their house is a bit grotty and naff, and denying all knowledge of them. I was on the weak ‘come and like my house’ end of that last year, now I have the joy of wishing everyone I befriend luck in finding a housemate for their mould-ridden, overpriced attic-room. Should be fun.

May I congratulate you if you are reading this. I predict precisely nobody will be. I shall try to be more focused on something or other in future.


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