Just a brief one..

I know they won’t read this. It’s not linked to any university email so what reason would they have to, but just a short message to M. Farthing with what I perceive the ‘little people’ in this university feel.

Mr Farthing, I know you see our university as your little play-thing, and the employees and students you regard as your bitches, as you do, should, you feel, nod our heads and wag our tails at anything you fancy to do. But let me tell you this, Mr Farthing – this may work on one or two of us, but there are 13,000 of us and, at last count, one of you. Lest I remind you without us your campus becomes a worthless shell. You are by all means welcome to it. Furthermore, get on the wrong side of us, or run our place of education into the ground as you have been doing so marvellously recently, and you will not last long, no matter what kind of spin you try to feed us.

I fear you may have forgotten in all this furore, Mr Farthing, that we are not your bitches. We are intelligent, perceptive, and downright demanding students. We can see through your lies, smokescreens and propaganda.

Don’t forget, Mr. Farthing, you work for US.


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