And there I was thinking Scrooge only came around at Christmas time…

It appears that the @SussexVCEG Twitter account is suspended.

So what?

Well, as much as I’d love the VC’s executive group to have a Twitter account, and as much as I’d love it for said account to get suspended, sadly no. It is, or should I say was, a spoof account, created anonymously as a ‘what if’. And bloddy hilarious it was too, I may add. However, it seems that this PR company our university has hired to take down any form of opposition, and release VC-branded spin to the wider community, has seen fit to go and get the account suspended. It seems like they don’t like students taking the piss out of them, while it seems perfectly acceptable to them to insult their students’ intelligence with sham consultations, propaganda, and wasteful building projects.

Talking of wasteful building projects, a pint to the first person to replace ‘innovative’ on that board around the new Fulton building with a more appropriate adjective. And don’t use wasteful, too easy. 😉


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