Anyone believe in reincarnations?

Let’s recap. This is a list of actions of the Vice Chancellor of Sussex University over the past few weeks and days.

Recently – ignoring reasonable responses to ‘Proposals for change’ from several areas of the University that would avoid redundancies.

Wednesday – calling multiple police units, dog units and riot units against his own students.

Thursday – rescheduling two meetings to (reportedly) avoid the risk of protests.

Today – suspending at least four students as a result of the occupation and essentially outlawing protest, and closing the religious centre of campus.

Stinks of a certain someone I learnt about in GCSE history. We might fall victim to Godwin’s law if we’re not careful.

Edit: I have just seen a press release from the Stop the Cuts campaign stating the University has been granted a High Court injunction prohibiting “protest action (without the consent of the University of Sussex”, thereby explicitly criminalizing protests on campus.

This, in this blogger’s opinion, is absolutely disgraceful. For a university that has a reputation as the forefront of student voice, I am now unquestionably ashamed to be a student at this university. Ignoring the masses hasn’t worked, so now the senior management are trying to throw legal documents at the dissenters. Game on.


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