A detour from the usual..

I haven’t updated recently, partly as there’s been nothing much to update on, partly I’ve been a bit busy to-ing and fro-ing from Brighton to Eastbourne.

I’m bloody glad there’s a bit of sun about now, so the people with SAD will cheer up a bit and the whole show will look nicer.

I’m writing this on a bus back from Eastbourne as it happens. It’s bloomin shakey, and we seem to be detouring across the downs. And I’m not at all worried, as the hills look glorious in the sun, and there’s a great view of Eastbourne in the evening sun. Marvellous. If I didn’t have a girlfriend eagerly anticipating my return, liable to get annoyed if I’m much longer, and I knew when the next bus came around, I might get off and enjoy the view for a while, But I do and I don’t, so I won’t.

I had no idea this bus made this detour, and I’m rather enjoying it!

Jack out.


About Jack
A small-time traveller in a big-time world

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