Long and rambling, kind of self descriptive…

First a quick update on events at Uni, then the bulk of this post.

Okay, when was my last post. Christ, a week ago, sorry chaps. Lets get up to speed. The occupation ended on Thursday, after a Union meeting on Wednesday passed a motion of no confidence in the VCEG (Vice-Chancellor’s Executive Group), as well as a motion demanding the Sussex six be unconditionally reinstated. A similar motion was passed at a meeting of Senate. Thursday came, the UCU striked, and the VC reinstated the Sussex six, and the occupation ended. Some spin was, as usual, spouted on Sussex internal, but of course no one believed that. Paul Layzell (deputy VC of Sussex) was announced as Royal Holloway’s principal as of August, hopefully leading the way for the other members of VCEG out the door, and awarding himself the honour of being the first to succumb to the student and staff pressure. Congrats, Paul.

Okay, motions, meetings, occupations and departures aside, now onto what’s really on my mind. Don’t worry, it’s nothing deep, but it is annoying. I’ll try to do so without annoying my girlfriend with my noisy keyboard.

EA Sports has some really incredibly lazy programmers. Let me explain. Now that its Easter break, I have nothing really productive to do, I’ve turned to EA’s latest rendition of FIFA, or men running after and kicking each other a ball. Now I’m not a ‘fanboy’, and if anyone asks I usually deny all interest in footballing matters, but, like I say, for lack of anything better to do I like to keep a copy of something like the aforementioned to kick back on. Anyway, I digress. The game in itself is fine – the gameplay is fairly intuitive, players are recognisable, and I possess enough skill to win. However, and, as a programmer of sorts, this is a fairly substantial and annoying however, some aspects of the programming are bloody awful. So as not to bore you, I’ll try and describe some briefly.

  1. When playing out a career as a manager with some silly name, players in the game world transfer to and from clubs as per real life. To distinguish one player from t’other on the field, they are given numbers at said clubs, however, there seems to be only one rule for giving new arrivals at a club a number – give the new chap the first number that isn’t 1 (as this is bound to be for the goalkeeper). This results in every new player being given the number 2, regardless of whether some poor chap already at the club claimed it, and doesn’t distinguish between outfield players and new goalkeepers (which would generally be given either 1 or some number above 11). Surely it’s not a huge amount of effort to devise an algorithm to do something intelligent with this. What makes my blood simmer is that the same thing happened in the game 4 years back, and no one’s thought to do anything.

Okay, that wasn’t brief, and I’m boring myself describing it, so I’ll stop.

It’s late, I’m tired. And I have nothing to get up for tomorrow. Hence this long and rambling post. If I could write essays like I could post blogs, I’d be a genius.



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