Every day’s a slow news day in Brighton town…

3 articles this time.

3 things that are pissing me off right now, in ascending order.

1, http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/election_2010/8643321.stm

2, http://www.theargus.co.uk/

3, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/tvandradio/7620854/Comedy-Central-censors-South-Park-Mohammed-episode.html

1, Politicians. In general. From what I can gather, their job description seems to be – Make laws for everyone to abide by, if it can be taxed, tax it. If  not, declare it illegal and rush it through parliament hoping no one notices. Then make sure anything illegal is policed excessively albeit badly. Then act as if you are above any laws made. That link sums it up perfectly.

They make driving while on the phone illegal, as it’s dangerous and distracting. Fair enough. However people still do it like it’s going out of fashion. Not that making anything illegal stopped anyone from doing anything, although maybe it is going out of fashion, but I reckon it’s more to do with the fact it’s highly unlikely they’ll ever get caught doing it. And now this article. Ed Balls (how I wish politicians with names like Balls, Darling, and Ladyman couldn’t run for office) gets stopped while using his mobile phone, I presume, as mentioned above, he reckoned his chances of being caught were slim at best. And then he professes to ‘100% support the law’. Yet he still does it. That’s the equivalent of somebody working in Curry’s walking into work on Monday morning and proudly announcing he’s Amish. Saying ‘fuck you’ to his colleagues. If he has this attitude towards them, I don’t really want him anywhere near the running of the counry, ta. Nor do I want someone who figures, ‘I’ve held this seat for the past term, my party’s almost guaranteed to get into power in London, so I can just bitch on my Twitter feed about the other candidates’. Sheesh, grow up woman. Luckily I won’t have the misfortune to see either of these names on my voting slip. I’m not even sure I’m registered anywhere. Anyway, enough politics, onto more serious things.

2, My local rag. And sensationalist headlines in general. Yes I know the nationals have been doing it forever, but I’ve gotten used to that. It would be nice if your local didn’t have to resort to using ‘Nationalist demonstrators gather in pub’ for an article about a group celebrating St Georges day having a drink, only to be interrupted by anti-whatever groups on the way. ‘50,000 spent on mobiles for police force’, which when you work it out are however many Blackberry contracts for £7.50 a month, bloody cheap. And some of their reports are so handwavy and inaccurate it’s incredible. Example; a perfectly reasonable article about how Mr Paul Layzell has upped sticks and buggered off, conveniently just after seeing through hugely damaging cuts at Sussex Uni, is quietly changed to something vomited out of the Uni’s PR machine, talking of how he’s ‘moving on’, not resigning, and other such flowery language. It would be nice if the paper had a bit of decency to not have to rely on attention grabbing headlines. Or maybe every day’s a slow news day in Brighton town.

3, Third, but in no way last, is a bit of a triple-header. Terrorism, free speech & censorship, and knowing your past. Strange as it may seem, all these apply, to me anyway, to the third link I provided. Firstly terrorism or, probably more accurately, extremism. Without these, there would be no issue. America, it would lead you to believe, is a country that has underlying values of freedom, defending beliefs and, of course, guns. However, and this is what gets me – an American company has censored some of its output as a direct result of one extremist’s (vague) threat on the internet. Ironically one part of the output censored concerns intimidation and fear. I though Americans hated that stuff too. Okay I’ve kind of gone into my second point there, but there’s more. That show has been running for 14 years now, and its continued success is that it rips into anyone and everyone, religions, celebrities, and even imaginary creatures, and I think if that ability to indiscriminately rip on everything, it takes a huge chunk of the show away, and it’s reduced to 2D children insulting each other, which nowadays I could get from the playground down the street. Lastly, but in no way least important, I hope the network take a long hard look at their decision to screw around with the show, because if my viewing habits are anything to go by, the network is synonymous with the show. I don’t think I could name another series I haven’t seen being advertised during the show, and I’m sure it’s the same for many others. I just hope they know that.


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