Must..generate..title. Will this do?

My girlfriend, upon catching a glimpse of this blog, proclaimed I should be a journalist, although I’ve not posted to it in well over a month. How rubbish is that, I almost don’t deserve to be called a blogger, more of a part-time commentator. If that. Second ‘wow’: 10 views on this thing the other day, despite the lack of bloggage, although I reckon I have a stalker who was constantly refreshing the blog hoping I posted something. You should know I only post post-midnight, when I’m at my most thoughtful and least coherant.

Now I’ve got to make the ever-present choice – does the reader want to know, ney care, what I’ve been up to, or would they rather I give the usually sceptical opinion on some current affairs. I really can’t decide, so I’ll do some of both. Be warned, nerd jargon lies forth.

I’m now the proud owner of a desktop. “Woop-de-woop”, you passionately cry. I won’t divulge how much it was, suffice to say it has an i5-core and now I really need a wage or I’ll be living off dust come summer’s end. I still haven’t invested in any iProducts – I really don’t see the need in a £500 teatray, and I have a Blackberry, which has a Qwerty. I also found an ancient flash drive of mine, and discovered another, previously thought decapitated, was very much fixable, and I now carry around 18GB of usb memory.

In non-tech happenings, it’s now a proven fact that a 2000-word essay and an 8 page lab report is possible in a little over a day, as long as you don’t intend on eating, sleeping much, or doing anything else unnecessary. There are, however, yet more assessment deadlines before the end of term, in addition to 8 (yes eight) exams in the 4 weeks remaining. By that point I’d ideally have an income and a place to live next year.

Okay that’s where I am up to date, and now I should probably make some sort of socio-political comment, like on the new government, or Facebook, or something. But then that would negate the fact its gone 1am, and I haven’t seen the other half since about 10. Expect the comment on something current tomorrow. Of course by then it won’t be current.

Jack: out.


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A small-time traveller in a big-time world

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