Will this do? pt 2

Yes, this is ‘tomorrow’, if you don’t count Sunday, Monday, and at the time I post this, Tuesday as well. But that’s just a technicality, and I’ve had exams.  Important exams, not like GCSEs or A-Levels. This is degree-level stuff. “If you were doing a computer science degree in the 80’s”, he murmurs cynically under his breath. Logic programming and databases, neither of which have come anywhere in my lifetime. Fun fact actually – looking through the suggested reading the night before my exam on Monday, the most recent work listed was published way back in 2001, the next-most recent way way back in 1994, and then various smatterings all the way back until, get this, the 50s. My mum is younger than some of those books, not that I looked at any of them.

Unfortunately for the rest, and the more modern portion, of my degree I foresee some sort of immense failure, followed swiftly by my whole life going tits-up and the universe collapsing. Okay, maybe a slight over-exaggeration, but I can see now this summer may be anything but smooth. Which is why I need an income. Where does one get one of those nowadays? Ah yes, the dole. Let’s join the queue.


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