What a nice sunset. Well what I’ve seen of it. I can’t really enjoy it as I’m revising my arse off for an exam tomorrow, so I can at least fail the module by the skin of my teeth rather than completely flop. Although saying that, chances are I’ll have revised nothing that comes up, not that I understood much in the first place, and fail it miserably anyway. Ah well, at least I can pursue a career in blogging if this academic stuff doesn’t take off. Even if I do miraculously pass this year, I might try and take a year out, owing to my total absence of enthusiasm and ideas for next year’s project.

I also have an excuse for not watching the football this year.. 1-1 and 0-0 draws. Sounds like football’s on its way out to me. Although I’ll go to the pub to watch England tomorrow if anyone’s interested. For the pub, not England.


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