Did anyone say ‘social experiment’?

Do I have anything I want to talk about? Not really. Is anything noteworthy happening at university? It seems everyone’s resigned to those suits upstairs screwing us all over as nothing about Sussex has been posted on the ‘Stop the Cuts’ blog in a long time. Am I resigned to failure? Almost, but not quite. So why write this post? I think it’ll just be a grumble. About how I can’t be bothered to write a post. How ironic!

But I do want to try something. I may or may not have published right in the infancy of this blog (look, it might be there somewhere) about how I wanted to try something when it was a bit more developed. I see 10 views of the last post in the last week as more developed than it was, so let me try. For anyone that reads this, whether unintentionally or otherwise, the next time you see me in person, on the bus, before an exam, or out and about, greet me in your finest, loudest Italian accent, ‘Hey’a Mario, it’s’a you. How’a you beeen?’ accompanied by Italian gesticulating and embracing (if you wish).

I just want a head-count 😉

Night all


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A small-time traveller in a big-time world

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