The pissed-off anti-establishment hyphen-loving blogger returns.

Imagine you have an elderly granny with a rat problem. Not your granny, the house she lives in. Now you hear of her problem and offer to get rid of these rats with traps. She doesn’t like the sound of this, thinks using traps on the poor little rats is all a bit cruel, so you suggest she gets some cats. A short while later the rats are long gone. “Ah see” she proclaims to you, “I didn’t have to use those mean old traps after all”.

Why am I creating an imaginary granny you probably don’t have, and one with a rat problem to boot. Well, young reader, this is in essence what is going on at Sussex. Replace the rats with a budgeting problem, the senile old bid with University senior managers, and the traps and cats with redundancies, compulsory and voluntary, and you get the picture of the situation.

Months and months of threats of compulsory redundancies that have not been withdrawn, that have conveniently scared enough staff into taking ‘voluntary’ early retirement or early severance.  This is mere convenience, nothing more. What really pisses me off is they then have the bastard-faced cheek to proclaim ‘Oh look everyone, we have been listening, and see we’ve changed the proposals to not include any (or as many) compulsory redundancies’.

Utter utter bastards.

I’m still seriously considering sending my response, edited or original (see last post). All it needs is a piece of straw.



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