God damn it, summer

Goddammit, I’m feeling all summery. All this football that’s been on the telly has made me want to play some. Heck, I even joined in a kickabout after my last exam instead of drinking the day away. I’m a bloody computer science student, that’s not what I’m meant to think or do. If I was a true nerd, the sun on Wednesday would have been enough for me, without playing any sort of activity. Goddammit, I even almost bought some football garments off eBay, until I checked my bank balance and realised I’ll need to mobilise some savings to get through summer.

Now I’ve sat here for a good few minutes watching Muse live at Glasto. I know, fucking Muse. That band that was awesome five years ago. They still look pretty awesome live now, to give them credit. Although it’s the same songs that were awesome five fricking years ago.

I guess if that floats your boat. But man I want to go to an outdoor concert. Hyde Park back in ’07 was wicked cool, shame it was 3 years ago though. God I’m getting old.



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2 Responses to God damn it, summer

  1. Suzie says:

    Did Muse have the full orchestra for their latest music?

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