I’m sorry, it’s football

Had my first taste of football in absolutely ages on Sunday and, I’m ashamed to say, I quite enjoyed it. Bad nerd. Now I want to get all sorts of associated goodies. An appropriate top for one. Which puts me in a bit of a muddle. Do I get a (reduced) England one, implying my association to one of the most over-rated teams in living memory, do I get a (full price) one of a more successful team, relieving myself of failure by association but introducing questionable loyalties, or do I ignore the international scene entirely and go for some club or other. I think I may choose the cheapest! Then there are the gloves, which I may already have somewhere, and the shoes, again which I hopefully have somewhere, and I’m good to go.

Despite it being a despicable thing for a nerd to do, I actually quite enjoyed playing. It’s the first time in ages I’ve been both ravenous with hunger and on the edge of collapse as a result of exercise, and while it was a good feeling at the time, I’m now pushing 2 days with leg aches as a result, so I’ve been furiously reading up on how to warm up and down.

I’ve also got myself involved in a couple of other teams, 1 five-a-side I think and one fully fledged 11-a-side in some league or other. I reckon I’ll be a substitute for the latter, at best.

Dear god I’m really getting into this football malarkey. Lets see where it goes.


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