Four and a Half Months!

Don’t worry, I’m not pregnant, that’s how long it’s been since I blogged. Bloody help, sorry folks. I’ve been so busy being busy. Let’s catch up.

Haven’t played football in months. Got bored of it and then it made my toenails turn a funny colour. Seriously, the boots I got were too small and so my big toenails got scratched up and now they’ve been purple for months while some new ones grow back! That was enough to curb my enthusiasm for the sport.

Moved house, slightly more than the usual student digs this, ditched the other unruly students and gone alone with the girlfriend. Really doesn’t feel ‘grown up’ to me but all her friends seem impressed. Settling in quite nicely but it’s a bit cramped sometimes as we both have a lot of junk.

So why now for a new post? Everything that can be said about the 10th November has been blogged numerous times already, so it’s not that. No, I’ve revisited my nerd roots and got a new phone. My old contract was coming to an end and I was bored shitless of the Blackberry, so I managed to haggle a HTC Desire Z, for free! I’ve had it for a few days now so have had a good look around, and writing this will give a good sense of intensive keyboard usage.

Firstly, it’s so much nicer to use than the Blackberry. Not just here and there, everywhere. The sense I got with it was that it was designed to function like a PC for people that can’t take one with them, but it does too much. It feels clunky after a while. It does everything you’d want, but it just does it. The HTC adds a sense of style to the proceedings. It’s constantly keeping up, rarely having to ‘stop and think’ as the Blackberry often would.

Then there’s the sheer awesome functionality of the thing. The Blackberry app world was very limited in scope, I presume there were fees that submittants had to pay. The Android market has so much more stuff, useful apps, gimmicks, games, and everything in-between. And a lot of really useful and innovative stuff is free on the market.

I’ve had touchscreens in the past, and they felt really futuristic and usable, but I fell in love with the full keyboard on the Blackberry. This is a perfect compromise, so much so it’s not even a compromise, it’s the best of both worlds! The size difference of the keyboards took a bit of getting used to, but I’m getting quicker every day.

Lastly, after writing this, the keyboard is perfectly usable for long pieces. Not quite thesis quality, of course, but I’ve suffered no discomfort writing this, and the predictive system saves me having to correct every typo and second guesses them really well, so far. All in all, it’s a brilliant machine, and I’m looking forward to the next two years with it.


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