Freaking Muse.

You know what’s really sad about this blog?

It’s almost a year old and I’ve had one comment about f**king Muse.


I only mentioned them in passing because they were on the telly at Glastonbury and reminded me how good festivals and live gigs were. If it had been anyone else on at that moment I wouldn’t have even had one comment. One comment in a whole year.

Actually that’s a lie of sorts. I have had comments about my posts, but they were on Facebook, in response to the url this thing automatically posts on my wall after each entry. And they’ve since been lost in the dungheap of Facebook, and I’m not retrieving them.

So what I probably should have said is that as far as anyone reading this blog who isn’t on my Facebook friends list, and that’s most of the world in actuality, are concerned, the only comment on my nerdy/ragey/wistful blog is one about freaking Muse.

God damn it, internet.


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A small-time traveller in a big-time world

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