Hugh Dennis: enemy number one.

Evening all.

Just as an update to last week’s post on ‘Fast and Loose’ and improv, I can now say it really isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. I went against my word and have just started watching the next episode, and the epidemic of repetition of painfully unfunny material is worse than I thought. I stopped at less than a minute in after Hugh ‘the grimace’ Dennis had already

1) mispronounced one of the regular’s name incorrectly,

2) used the same introduction of ‘for the next 15 seconds at least it’s ‘Fast & Loose’ as every other episode,

and 3) used the same ‘and now it’s someone that sounds a lot like me’ unfunny line as every other episode.

Oh. Dear. God.

I don’t blame people for thinking the Beeb is wasting licence fee money, it’s awful.


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