How stupid can you get?

What a tizz people have gotten themselves into over cuts. I was watching an on-the-street interview of a couple of women at the anti-cuts demo the other week, and when asked what she wanted out of the protest, responded ‘I want this government out’, or words to that effect, and I just thought, ‘how stupid can you get?’.

Firstly, do you still suffer from the condition that makes you believe politicians actually listen to public consensus delivered in the form of large scale protest? Do you think that politicians respond to people whose opinions differ from their own? I give you exhibit A – the anti-war march, and exhibit B – the fifty-thousand-strong anti-fees march a few months ago.

Secondly if, by some miracle greater in scale than Jesus’ resurrection and Moses parting the sea combined, they manage to topple the government, what do they think is going to happen? It’s a two-party system, love. In the place of this horrible government that are making all these nasty cuts, you’re going to get the other party that got us into this sticky mess in the first place and that are so awful at managing the country’s finances I wouldn’t trust with my piggybank!

Over the past year or so, as is apparent from my politico-posts on here, my opinions have swayed from ‘Oh my God, these cuts are horrible and unnecessary, why is our Vice-Chancellor not resisting them?’ to ‘With half of my generation getting degrees, they are being made more worthless than for previous generations, so maybe it’s not all bad that not everyone will be able to afford them’ and most recently to ‘We are obviously financially screwed, and people who think life can just go on as normal are seriously delusional. Yes there aren’t going to be enough jobs when the country’s living within its means, but that’s what you get with virtually untapped immigration.’

And now to finish off and publish another post about my ancestry research.

Jack out.


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