A Right Royal Post

Just been watching something to do with Princess Diana’s fashion, presumably in anticipation of a wedding or something in a couple of weeks, and it reminded me of something I’ve been pondering recently.

The position of the royal family in the modern world is something that’s often debated every time a member so much as sneezes. All the usual ‘can they still sneeze for the nation? Why do we still need them sneezing at all?’ malarkey from all the usual suspects. I on the other hand, like to think they’re aware their role is wholly ceremonial; the meeters-and-greeters of the Kingdom, if you will. But still I have this thing niggling away; read on.

As any good film buff should know, and as any history enthusiast should also know for hopefully entirely different reasons, the Queen’s old man, George VII (the one with the speech impediment), may or may not have ascended to the throne had his brother Edward VIII not abdicated. The reason for this abdication, to marry a twice-divorced woman that he would otherwise not been able to. Anyway, we have King George VII and Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother), and now their eldest, Queen Elizabeth II. Her eldest? Prince Charles. And here’s where my problem lies. Charles himself, while not King yet, is next in line to the throne. However he has already married a divorcee in Camilla, thereby the future Queen Consort. Add on to this that Charles himself is a divorcee, and I don’t see why Charles should be allowed to take the throne when his grand-uncle (Edward VIII) was unable to keep it.

I’m well aware that there will be those of you that are thinking, ‘yes, but that was eighty years ago and society’s attitudes to remarriage and divorce have changed’, which, I agree, they (purportedly) have. But that’s not the issue I have. Heck, my dad divorced and remarried and I’m fine with that, but then he’s not next in line to the very same throne my great-grand-uncle couldn’t keep because he wanted to marry a divorcee.

It’s almost a paradox of sorts – if Charles is allowed to take the throne, then attitudes to and within the royalty have modernized from eighty years ago, but then if that’s the case, why do we still have a monarchy? I don’t know.

Personally I’ll be glad if he’s skipped. I would have liked Diana as Queen, but not Camilla, it will show some consistency in what’s allowed as far as royal relationships go, and I think it’s about time for a young King and Queen.


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