Family tree 1-0-1

When I set out finding out about my ancestry, I had a slight inclination that I might not end up with a family ‘tree’ as such, but what I’m currently looking at could be more accurately be described as a multi-dimensional cobweb, and I’ve barely started. Let’s take stock.

Front and centre there’s me and my sister. Unsurprisingly above us, my parents, and that’s where things get complicated. I have a half-brother, and step-siblings, neither of whose ‘other side’ I’ve even touched yet. Both my parents have two brothers, with so many different states of marriage, divorce and remarriage between them I can barely keep up; I’m not 100% sure how many cousins I have.

Above them, so far, are two grandparents on one side, three on the other; my paternal grandmother died before I was born and I have a paternal step-grandmother, neither of which I’ve started researching either. My maternal grandfather and grandmother were one of thirteen and six children respectively, and I have many names and spouses for these siblings but no children yet.

A couple of my uncles, one on each side, had fortunately done some research before me, giving me something to go on on each male line, but there are some suspicious dates in both pieces of research; a fourteen year gap between father and son and a five month gap between brothers’ supposed birth dates, both of which will need some looking into.

I also have common and uncommon surnames in roughly equal measure; on the one hand ‘Boon’, ‘Fletcher’ and ‘Smith’ and on the other ‘Pady’ and ‘Vobes’.

Keeping up so far? I’m not. The unusual surnames are kind of helpful in narrowing down census hits; for instance I’m pretty sure I had ancestors living in Brighton (or Brighthelmstone as it was known then) around about 1820.


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