The Bud of Cycling Activism/A Cyclist’s Analysis of Brighton – part 2

A second part to my analysis of cycling in Brighton. Written last night.

After reading something in the Argus, I sent the following to the council:

To whom it may concern,

Firstly let me apologize if this does not reach the appropriate desk initially. The nature of my inquiry could be included under several of the categories given but hopefully it will find its way to somebody who can give me an informed answer eventually.

My inquiry is as follows; I read with interest today an article on the website of the Argus about how the government is giving more control to councils over where cycle lanes are placed.

If, as the article suggests, the amount of ‘red tape’ relating to installing new cycle lanes has been reduced, as an enthusiastic cyclist, I would like to see a review of several areas of cycle lane in the city in full consultation with cycling organisations, and similar consultation with cycling organisations before installation of new cycle lanes.

I anticipate that cycling and motoring organisations are already consulted prior to development of the road and cycle network, but I fear that, with the somewhat congested state of the city’s roads, motoring organisations are given higher priority and a louder voice in any consultations.

I also fear that, without proper consultation from the appropriate groups, cycle lanes will be added to the city where they cause minimal disruption to drivers, where they form minimal continuous routes, and to serve no other purpose than to increase the city’s cycle lane ‘mileage’.

I can think of several instances of such disjointed, nonsensical and in some cases quite dangerous cycle lanes off the top of my head that I have encountered in my short time cycling in Brighton, and feel that there are several issues that need to be rectified and fundamental design problems eradicated before new lanes are conceived.

I await your response with great interest, specifically with regards to current consultation and how this reported reduction of red tape will affect future cycle facilities in the city.


Where’s this going? I don’t know. Maybe it’s a follow on from my last cycling post. We’ll see, and when I know, I’ll tell you.


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