Good job, bad job.

Hi all.

Just a short post giving a little insight into the world of work, and what I think makes a good job.

The way I see it, any job is divided up into five component parts which can all be classified as good, bad, or somewhere in between. The more of these component parts that are ‘good’ in their own respects, the better and more enjoyable the job is.

The first part of a job is the people you work with. This is probably the easiest component to classify – ‘good’ people are hard working, pleasant, and with a common purpose, the sort of people anyone would enjoy working with. ‘Bad’ people are the opposite of this – lazy, unmotivated, grumpy, you get the idea.

Secondly, there’s what you actually do. Slightly harder to define ‘good’ and ‘bad’; it depends on the person you are and what you enjoy and prefer. Some prefer busy environments, some office work, some driving around. It’s subjective.

Then there’s how long it takes to get to your place of work – your commute. Usually the longer it takes, the less enjoyable the overall working part of your life becomes, however it’s possible to compensate for a ‘bad’ commute in other areas. I’ll come on to this later.

The last components of your overall working experience are your pay and working hours. These are individually variable but the ‘good’ to ‘bad’ scales are linked. Pay ranges from minimum wage, or sometimes less, to stupidly high salaries, and hours from a couple a week to fifty upwards. Long hours and low pay are usually ‘bad’, but you may get more money overall that better pay but with considerably shorter hours. It’s more a case how your specific combination of pay and hours gets you overall compared to what you need, than either individual factor. For instance you might only work thirty hours over four days, but depending on whether you get paid minimum wage or a decent wage, this may or may not meet your expenditure.

Like I said, some components being ‘good’ can compensate for others being ‘bad’ – a longer commute to a job with a good annual salary for example, but sometimes it’s a little harder to judge perhaps if you’re in a well paying job but have long hours and work with bad people.

It’s probably best represented in a radar chart, like this:


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  1. Anon says:

    Is 10 good or bad?

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