The Dilemma of a Tech Buff

No deep moral or philosophical poser here, just something that most people wouldn’t even consider worrying about, kind of like those ‘first world problems’ on Twitter.

I’m in the market for a new set of personal audio head brackets – headphones or earphones, and as with choosing anything to buy, there are a frustrating number of factors I’m considering when I choose. There’s the camp of ‘buy cheap so it’s no big deal when they inevitably break’ versus ‘take the time to find exactly what you need’ versus ‘get this because I have them and they’re awesome/fine’.

So here’s what I want: a set that don’t give me a headache they clamp so hard on my head, or aren’t so heavy they make my neck ache after an evening, and aren’t so cumbersome I need to go to the hall to put them on as there isn’t room to manoeuvre them in my room.

I want bluetooth connectivity so I can connect wirelessly to both my computer and phone, and consequently I want a microphone so I can take calls on my phone.

Lastly, I want a decent sound quality, and decent build quality – both roughly in line with the cost.

I’ve found two, both fit some criteria, and don’t or may not (I’ll come to this later) fit others.

One is a £30 number by Sony – comfortable, light, decent sound quality, but wired and with no microphone. The other, a £60+ set from Creative – bluetooth and microphone, but I have no idea about the rest of my criteria.

I discovered the former through visiting my local Currys and trying on a few sets, a very limited few sets, they had out and usable, so I know why I like it, but it’s not got everything I want.

On the other hand, the Creative set I found online, googling what I wanted – ‘bluetooth headphones with microphone’, so have no idea about comfort, fit or sound quality.

For most of the population, going into HMV or Currys or any other high street electrical store would be enough, because for the average user, anything they can hear music coming out of that sits on their head or in their ears is sufficient, however knowing more about the capabilities of technology, as I do, I tend to have little demands that I know can be met, but at the sacrifice of not being able to try the product before hand.

The battle continues…

Jack out.


About Jack
A small-time traveller in a big-time world

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