Dilemma of a Tech Buff – update

Just a quick one ahead of a proper one I hope to publish tomorrow night – the headphones.

I found a nice pair of Bluetooth ‘phones with a mic that are working wonderfully with my phone and listening to casual music, and received them for Christmas. Thanks Mum!

Unfortunately the lag from the absence of wires means I can’t use them for anything specialised (i.e. bedroom DJing [expect a future post on that] or casual video editing) as there’s a slight delay on the sound reaching them, so I’ve invested in a bargain pair of Sennheisers -£15 and I can hear nothing and no one can hear me. Decent sound quality for the price too.

Like I said, short and sweet, and stay tuned for about this time tomorrow.

Last thought. V-log?


Jack out.


About Jack
A small-time traveller in a big-time world

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