Rumours of my demise have been greatly overexaggerated…

Not normally one to blog about stuff I do, but I’m willing to make an exception for this one.

So then, it’s official. I’m jacking in (pardon the pun) the UK and heading out to Italy.

Wait, what?

I know this might be quite a surprise to some of you, but people that I actually know and talk to in the real world will note that at some point in the not too distant past my better half was out there looking after children, and in fact still is, although this time she’s taken a CELTA teaching course and is now looking for proper work! So with a choice of living here, on my lonesome, at the family home, working two jobs and still not being able to afford a place of my own, or living out there, doing something completely different in a country I’ve had little experience of, the decision’s obvious, isn’t it?

So to save me repeating myself over and over indefinitely until I go, I’ve devised an FAQ of sorts. Read, then ask.

You’re leaving? Yes.

When are you going? The 10th of January. Feel free to lavish affection, regret, or any other appropriate emotion on me until this date. Then, and only then, can the celebrations begin.

Where are you going? A town about 30 miles north west of Milan, which itself is reachable in about 30-45 minutes by train.

What are you doing?(!) Asked with a hint of exclamation – I’m taking a change of direction, a new challenge, something out of my comfort zone. My girlfriend doing the same and thoroughly enjoying it taught me this is what I needed to do. Asked as an insightful question – looking after two boys when they are at their grandparents’ house five afternoons a week, helping with homework, teaching English, taking them to activities and such. Outside of that, seeing the area, seeing the other half, learning the language, the usual.

When are you coming back?/Are you coming back? Maybe. The family that found me want me there for three months, turning into six if it all goes smoothly. By then I will have been able to judge whether this CELTA course paid off for my other half, and potentially do the same, although more saving, and consequently working, will be required, as I doubt I will be able to do much in the interim. So at the earliest I’m back in the country in three months, at the longest then theoretically never.

Do you speak any Italian? A little. The other half’s been teaching me bits and bobs so I have some basic vocabulary, but like I said I’ll be taking lessons while I’m there to improve on this. Maybe one day I’ll try writing an entire post in it, but at the moment é in Inglese. (it is in English)

This seems like a suitable time to add a new category, as I will of course be chronicling my time out there for all you bloggites to read. Welcome to ‘travelling’.

Jack out.


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