The fruit of labour

I’m not sure what to make of this. The company previously known as Research in Motion (RIM) has officially changed their name to BlackBerry. It makes complete sense, in a way, as that was the product they had become synonymous with, but I’m undecided, and I guess only time will tell, if it is more meaningful than that.

Companies change their names all the time. Orange and T-Mobile in the UK merged, and became ‘Everything Everywhere’. Dixons stores were rebranded to, and some Currys stores have merged with PC World branding. It happens. But I can’t think of an example where a company has changed its name to that of the only product it makes, or is known for. Maybe that’s because my memory is god-awful, or maybe it’s because very few companies make a single line because they simply can’t afford to in today’s competitive industry.

So what sort of alarm bells does that set off about BlackBerry? That they’ve admitted they don’t have another direction apart from their mobile phones? Maybe. I hope not though, as they’re rugged and efficient for what they do. Not particularly competitive against Google and Apple, but for the business power-user.

I hope they use this as a means of streamlining operations, having no distractions from producing great business phones and doing something the others can’t, or don’t want to.

Jack out.


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2 Responses to The fruit of labour

  1. Surely the most controversial thing about ‘Blackberry’ is that they’ve appointented Alicia Keys as their worldwide CREATIVE DIRECTOR?!

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