The fifth post of the expedition – the surprising first solo album.

Evening all. Change is in the air. Not me, I hasten to add, but that which is going on around me.

Remember how a couple of posts in to my adventure I was revelling in the fact I’d found what seemed to be the only other English person in such an obscure town this close to Milan. Annoyingly it hasn’t worked out with her family, in that by all accounts they are draconian and slightly hypocritical, and as such she’s leaving tomorrow. Horrendously sad, I know, but she’s resolved to do the CELTA course (for TEFL) in good ol’ Manchester instead of Milan for cheaps, and will then return as a qualified English teacher to this poor, poor town which may then inexplicably develop a Mancunian accent overnight.

I know I’m not normally one to talk about feelings, less so blog about them, but I’ve been tooing and froing so much for these past few days, it would be rude not to. At first it felt like I’m about to be thrown into an abyss with no hope of getting out again – the only other English person I knew when I came  here is leaving for just as long as I’ve been here so far. It also brought to the foreground that nobody I had met in Milan seemed at all interested in seeing my patch.I was about to become alone in a town full of foreigners. This was my first thought and quite frankly it scared the chocolate ice cream out of me. But then I thought about it, and the more I thought about it the better I felt, and continue to feel, about the situation.

It just so happens there is a contingent of English helicopter engineers based here for a few months, and it seems there are more of them every time we bump into them. Thanks to the…outspoken Mancunian it turns out there are some friendly local Italians that want to improve their English, and are only too happy to help improve our Italian. I also seem to be perpetuating the myth back to myself that I speak barely any Italian, which is a little removed from the truth, and there’s no time like your drinking buddy going away for a few weeks to brush up and get ahead of the class (which,  incidentally, I still haven’t taken up).

So, after continuous reflection on all of the above, I am coming to the conclusion that It’s not all bad, I’m not doomed to spend the next two months in silence, too skeptical of my own ability to communicate with anyone, and I’m most certainly not going to let it get me down.

Jack out.


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