The sixth post of the expedition – the one with the middle-distance album cover

Afternoon all. Sorry I’ve been a little quiet lately, life’s been a bit hectic and such, but I’ve got some spare time now, so let’s get something written down, shall we?

Well, I say I’ve got some time spare. In actuality the kids haven’t been over for the afternoon since I got back from Rome a week ago. While I was there the youngest injured his knee meaning his mum had to take some time off work, and so could take the both of the boys after school. Then on Friday there was a little falling out and they haven’t been over since. However, this has rather fortunately changed what I’m thinking about, namely bringing the future to the present, so to speak.

It’s coming up to the time of my stay with this family when I have to decide whether I want to leave, or stay another three months. I was honestly undecided, as both choices give more questions than answers, but like I said, recent events have really helped focus my decision. I got picked up by the boy’s father yesterday after dinner and he took me to their house to see them, and said that not only was the older boy worried I was going to go back to England if this little falling out wasn’t resolved, but that he had seen him really come out of his shell with me in the last month or so, and that evidently I’d had a profound effect on him and his desire to learn English. Both very heartwarming things to hear, and I felt I could really empathise with him. Like I have said before, I’m hesitant to call what I’m doing at the moment ‘au pairing’, as it’s very minimal, but I do appreciate that it’s a great gig for a first-timer like me. While I wouldn’t be dismissive of going elsewhere if the situation required it, it still feels like there’s a little bit more to be squeezed out of this town, so I shan’t leave yet.

So what about squeezing this lemon for all it has? I figured sooner or later I’d get bored of straight au pairing, and while it hasn’t happened yet and is still fairly novel, thanks in part to only seeing the boys in the afternoon, I figure it probably will in the next three to four months, by which time a new locale, if not a new activity may be in order. It’s with this in mind that I’ve been investigating what I can do in my free time to build up some skills to facilitate this change. I’ve now got a couple of definite avenues of investigation to be able to tutor English in the town. I also have some local acquaintances, which means I can go out of an evening and not look like a complete oddball, which is always nice.

Jack out.


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