The seventh post of the expedition – the back catalogue of B-sides because band on an indefinite hiatus

I’ve recently committed to staying in Italy for another three months with this family. Like I said last time, the family seems to think the eldest has really warmed to me and wants to please me by trying hard with his English, and that’s something I can definitely handle for a little while longer. Annoyingly elsewhere in life things aren’t going, or rather haven’t gone so smoothly, however that said, after the three extra months I’m here, which will take me until July, I’m under no obligation to do anything, be anywhere, or more interestingly stay anywhere, for anyone. Which feels weird.

I will have absolutely no commitments, educational or otherwise, tying me down for the first time in my life, and I’m reckoning the odd feeling I’ve started feeling recently will only intensify as July comes closer. I may have expected a feeling of deflation and indifference after such a stimulating experience as au pairing (yes really). But I won’t be thinking ‘I have absolutely nothing to do so I won’t bother’, more ‘I can do absolutely anything now, so I will.’ My intention is to stay in Italy in the mid-term, either become an au pair elsewhere in the country, or teach English to some Italians or other foreigners somewhere, which is what I’m hoping this summer school will help with – experience for the long game.

It reminds me of when I was in college, not at all sure what I wanted to do in life, having picked three reasonably interesting subjects but with not a huge amount of skill in any of them. Rather than crashing and burning with poor marks I made use of the time out of college to volunteer here there and everywhere. I got a snowball of experience stewarding charity events and fun runs. The result when I came out of education with predictably bad grades? I could put the  experience volunteering to good use and land a job and promptly a promotion at the local football stadium doing what I’d been doing voluntarily years ago.

Worst comes to worst and I don’t get somewhere in Italy straight away to prolong my stay, I’ll look elsewhere, or go to England for a while to give time for things to develop. But I don’t think I’ll stay. I’ve got a taste for this now, if something still doesn’t turn up after more waiting, or even in the interim while I’m waiting, a road trip is on the books, just to feed the habit.

Jack out.


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One Response to The seventh post of the expedition – the back catalogue of B-sides because band on an indefinite hiatus

  1. Expat Eye says:

    The beauty of TEFL is that there’s always a job somewhere with your name on it! (At least that’s what I like to think!)

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