The ninth post of the expedition – getting signed by a new label

Hi all. Believe it or not, in a little under a week I will have been here for three months. To me that sounds like a heck of a lot of time already – it certainly doesn’t feel like it’s been anywhere near that long – but then when I reflect on what has happened already in such a seemingly short amount of time, I can start to believe that it has.

If you cast your mind a long, long while back, when I was just starting out in the big world of proper jobs, I had a crazy notion of applying to positions that my skills may have been geared towards. At the time I had a fledgeling blog (okay, it’s still no more than a tadpole now, but that’s besides the point), and being fresh out of a Computer Science degree, I decided to try my luck at a company that wanted someone to blog about technology. I got rejected, rather appropriately, by email. The reason? Being ‘to qualified’ [sic]. I spent ages trying to decide if it was my previous blogging prowess (don’t laugh) or my recent graduation (again, don’t laugh, I got a grade). It was only recently I had the realisation that it was probably my better understanding of the intricacies of English that intimidated them*, and that if they did employ me, it may be reminiscent of something out of Hot Fuzz with regards to writing quality.

But that was then, and having had at least a week to develop an aura of expertise in au pairing (okay you can laugh now), I noticed somebody asking around for people that want to write about this very thing. Up my digital hand went and soon I’m churning out more hysterically entertaining prose than you’ve had factually correct chain-emails. Now I know there is at least one of you that reads this – heck, that’s what mothers are for – and by virtue of that fact, possibly even enjoys what I write about travelling, au pairing and teaching and, dare I say it, anticipates the next post with some sort of positive emotion. So I ask of you a simple favour, which hopefully isn’t too out of your way if my assumptions are even vaguely accurate.

Take this URL: It’s honest, and you can copy and paste if you wish to be sure. Manipulate it however you wish into your browser so that it opens the appropriate page, and click ‘like’. Like I said, in a short while more of my delightful rambling will be uploaded onto the affiliated website, and if you have had an interest in my scripture thus far, it’s sure to be of some interest. But even if you just take the link (and please make sure it’s that link, for my personal tally), ‘like’ it, and I never hear from you again, I’ll be greatly appreciative. I’ll miss you, sure, but content that you did one final nice thing before you went. You could even call yourself a martyr for blog readers everywhere, get people to blog about your final days with varying degrees of accuracy and then in a few millennia someone may start a religion. It could work out well for you.

Jack out.

*Namely the appreciation of the difference between ‘to’ and ‘too’.


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A small-time traveller in a big-time world

3 Responses to The ninth post of the expedition – getting signed by a new label

  1. Expat Eye says:

    It’s nice to do one nice thing a day! Good luck!

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