The eleventh post of the expedition – the unconvincing second solo album

Following on from last time, I’ve been ransacking my brains and somewhat distant memory of improvisation games I used to play on a Thursday night in Brighton, and how I could use them to teach a flock of pre-teen Italians some useful English. Here’s what I’ve got so far.


’10 Types’ – Stand in a circle and someone volunteers to stand in the middle. The circle suggests a category, for example fruit, and the person in the middle has to name ten items in that category. I may change this around so that the person in the middle gets to choose the category and the circle each names one item until somebody can’t, who then goes into the middle.

‘3 Noses’ – A number and body part is called, and the children have to form groups where the given number of the given body part are touching, for example three noses.

‘Rap battle’ – In the original, two teams faced off in a rap battle, thinking up lines that rhymed with a starting word. This will probably be too difficult so I’ll probably turn it into something like ’10 types’ but with rhyming words.

One that I’ve been suggested by one of my readers is animals and their noises, with a song of ‘Old Macdonald’ to round it off, which is a much better idea than anything I’ve been able to come up with.


Grammar is proving to be a bit of a head-scratcher for me. It’s apparently a lot easier to think of ways to teach new words and share that knowledge than turn the tricky bits of English into games. All I’ve come up with so far is this:

Give every child a word, which altogether make several simple sentences. They then have to go around and find other children to make a sentence and see what weird stuff they come up with. And then I can try to explain why they don’t make sense!

Fortunately, I’m assured that all the teaching materials will be provided, which is probably for the best really.

Jack out.


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