The fourteenth post of the expedition – the compilation of cover songs and unreleased studio recordings

To avoid paying a small fortune, I’ve been looking at booking a plane ticket back to England for when I finish with this family in July and, inspired by Expat Eye on Latvia’s post I’ve been thinking over what I’m going to have to get accustomed to in the month I’m back. I’ve given myself more than the few days she had, and will be back for more than a few days too, so this list is of course liable to grow and I shall update it as necessary.

1. Drivers having a sense of decency and grace, not driving everywhere like they have nothing to live for and resenting having to wait any length of time. Actually letting you cross the road if there’s no crossing and they’re waiting in traffic. Looking to the right when you cross the road.

2. Ice cream being less cream, more ice. Being able to buy mint-choc-chip. And flakes. And the good old scoop drag through the tub instead of squashing the poor stuff up against the side like they’re mixing plaster of Paris.

3. One I completely empathised with from the post – not being able to walk down the street muttering to yourself, and remembering that people speak the same language as you and can understand you when you say ‘look where you’re going, idiot.’

4. Sunny days being something to be cherished to the full extent of the law, regardless of how warm it actually is.

5. Mcvities actually existing as a brand, and all the familiar sweet brands not being stupidly expensive. Ham being prepackaged and ‘honey roast’, and only shaved freshly in butchers’ shops. Olive oil and lemon oil on salads being weird. English pasta.

6. The thievery and contortion of Italian words in English – panini for just the one as an example – and having to resist correcting every single one of them.

7. Remembering that English people are polite, understand your odd sense of humour, and more often than not (especially in my hometown) will have a conversation with you if you talk to them. I have the feeling I will talk to anyone and everyone until the novelty of speaking to people wears off.

As ever, if you enjoy reading these posts, and you do if you’ve got this far, be sure to check out the soon to be launched website that I’m writing for, for more of my ramblings.

Jack out.


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7 Responses to The fourteenth post of the expedition – the compilation of cover songs and unreleased studio recordings

  1. Expat Eye says:

    Love it! Glad to be an inspiration 😉 I brought back several packs of ham with me – and proper cheddar cheese – but unfortunately I got through it all far too quickly! I recommend checking in an extra bag for your return trip! If you return that is!

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