The thirteenth post of the expedition – the one with meaningful lyrics throughout

Today was probably one of the nicest all round days I’ve had since I’ve been with the family. You may recall that three or four posts into the expedition I commented how I thought the boys saw me as a hybrid of tutor and – the older one especally – older brother, but today has really confirmed and cemented that for me. I also have a new bargaining tool in my arsenal, which is amazingly handy with the stubbornness I’m encountering.

The oldest had some geometry homework. He worked through the question but came out with the wrong answer, and as I started trying to explain it to him I could tell he was going into his usual, defeatist spiral. So, reading that dyslexic children often work better spatially, I improvised and brought the problem into the real world using paper, scissors, and some ad-lib origami. However by the time I’d finished this art attack it was then time for me to pick up his younger brother. Just at that moment his grandma came up the stairs and asked if I’d like her to get him, which I duly accepted and returned to helping the boy. I was greeted by hugs and proclamations of ‘brother Jack, brother Jack!’

My ‘Jurassic Park’ themed work didn’t go exactly to plan. He did it eventually, guessing most of the (multiple choice) questions and waiting for me to acknowledge whether it was correct. He didn’t like it when I didn’t. This said, he did find the film interesting, as did his younger brother, so we’re now watching them through, albeit in Italian. And it’s something he actively wants to do, so now I have some leverage when it comes to getting him to do homework. So while I’m still trying to find English tasks he doesn’t freak out at, I’ve introduced him to a new franchise which is undeniably in English.

While you’re here, I’m still trying to drum up support for the new website I’m writing for. It’s not live at the moment, but head there anyway and sign up to be informed when it is, and give its Facebook page a like for me. Thanks very much.

Jack out.


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