The fifteenth post of the expedition – the celebratory release for the landmark sales figure

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine – it’s lethal.‘ – Paulo Coehlo

I’ve just passed the four month mark with this family, and to mark the occasion they told me they were going to pay for my plane ticket home. I’ve also just been to the lovely town of Siena, also here in Italy, to see a family that I could potentially continue my aspiring au pairing career with (if you can call it either aspiring or a career), and as such I’ve had to give more serious thought than ever to what I actually want to do after July.

Option one is to find a reason to stay in this area of the country, to revel in the social network I’ve spent the last four months stringing together, and to establish a firm base from which to develop my aspiring tutoring career (see caveat above) somewhere in Lombardy. But at the same time as I contemplate that, I see ghosts of myself in England, and the reluctance I had in leaving the country in the first place for the very same reasons – I had a steady income, a social network, and a base from which to develop my aspiring career as…

And there was the rub. I had a job, two jobs in fact, and while the curve of progression had initially been steep in both, it was very much beginning to level off. I was off the bottom rung, but it was of the sort of ladder your grandmother used for reaching the top cupboard shelf. More of a footstool in fact. I was a graduate, but in a field that I had grown tired of, evidenced by my results. There was no graduate program to apply to and wait for, no skillset I could put front and centre of my CV and watch the offers roll in. I had been waiting for the moment that, when asked, I knew what I wanted to do after I graduated, but a year after the event it had still not materialised. In it’s absence, I had developed a routine, fulfilling the basic needs, but giving an overall flatline of existence beyond that, which was when I realised, or more accurately was told, that even if I didn’t particularly want to do this, it was something I simply had to do.

Which brings me on to option two – in essence break the routine I’ve spent the last four months establishing, leave behind the fascinating, inspiring, accommodating people I’ve met and seek out a new adventure. Do what I did by coming to Italy in the first place. I suppose it would be short-sighted not to, especially looking back over the last fourteen ‘posts of the expedition’. I have been incredibly lucky to have this as my first au-pairing experience, and to have met so many welcoming people in this small Italian town, and have evidently undergone so much personal development in the few short months I’ve been here, but I’m well aware this is by no means ‘it’ as far as the world, or even Italy, goes. And heck, I can always come back. As I always say, it’s not goodbye, just see you soon.

Jack out.


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