The eighteenth post of the expedition – the recently discovered demo tapes

‘What is going on for you next week?’ a friend asked me last weekend over drinks. ‘Just a normal week, I expect’ was my reply, although with a little over a month left with this family, I knew full well that no such thing existed.

It’s almost paradoxically with the regularity of their irregularity that however frequently the day-to-day goings-on amongst the family drive me to the edge of despair, almost nothing that happens now surprises me. One of the many things I’ve learnt over the last six months is when to not question or ponder, and just accept, shrug, smile, and move on with the day.

Five months ago, I was into my last week in England for the time being, and quite honestly had no real idea of what lay ahead. If I could go back and tell past me everything that has happened in the interim, I am pretty sure past me would believe none of it. Well, he would say he believed it, to stop my rambling, but I know he really wouldn’t. I wouldn’t.

Reading back through the last seventeen and a half (yes) posts and you’ll have some idea of how mind blowing the whole thing has been for me, but I think my head might just go pop if I try and comprehend every single thing at once. The relationships that have developed in sometimes unexpected ways, the ones that have grown out of seemingly thin air or less, and that now feel ten-fold more familiar than they should reasonably do so. The acquaintances that are not only happy to meet and accommodate a foreigner, but entertain him for an evening and then invite him along next time. Every single person that I’ve met that has dispelled any negative stereotype that was ever perpetrated, that’s commented on or tested my Italian, or that’s given me a friendly nod. All the people that have shared their ambition of adventure and discovery.

That, for every friend or family member I am looking forward to seeing back in England I have one friend here, be they local or fellow au pair, that I will miss in equal measure, has really confirmed that it has indeed been an experience, my experience, and a completely unique and unforgettable one at that.

Jack out.


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