The nineteenth post of the expedition – the compilation from the cutting-room floor

About a month into my stay, I was warned of the ending of the ‘honeymoon’ period that au pairs experienced. The host family had got wise to you, you to them, and the niceties disappear. That never seemed to happen to me, with this family at least. They are as warm and welcoming as they have always been, and their incredible sense of humour is still prevalent. However, I am now starting to experience something that I have seen amongst other au pairs, namely when your stay comes to an end.

It’s probably down to the nature of the job – that it’s so orientated around children – that means that au pairs tend to arrive and leave at similar times. While this sense of discovering new places at the same time as others is really great for bonding, it also rears it’s ugly inverse head when the time comes to leave. It has been such an intense few months of meeting new people, often some of the only other strangers within reach and then, within a few weeks of each other, these new friendships are stretched right across the globe.

However they most definitely are friendships, and not just acquaintances of convenience, as not only are they going to far-flung places, but it was that same sense of adventure and exploration that I have developed in coming to Italy that brought them, as me, to our meeting. And the same one that will make it almost impossible for our paths to not want to cross again.

So while it sad that we will be apart for an unspecified, probably long, period of time, it is also equally awesome that the next time we meet will be in an equally unspecified, but certainly new, place, where more adventures will be had, and the thirst for adventure will be quenched for a time again.

Jack out.


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