The twenty-second post of the expedition – the polar opposite of a previous release

“I know we’re only human. We do go in for these various emotions, call them negative emotions. But when all these are removed, and you can look forward, and the road is clear ahead to create something, I think that’s as happy as I’d ever want to be.” – Alfred Hitchcock

Seeing as I’ve spent a post gazing off into the future, and raving about how content I am with where my life is going for the next few months, it seems only fair in the interest of being balanced to talk about the past.

‘Is there anything you regret in the past?’, ‘what would you differently if you could?’. Popular questions in deep conversations around the world. Heck, it would surprise me if somewhere, someone wasn’t being asked it right now. For me, it’s easy to answer – so long as you are genuinely happy with your present, and not pushing the bad bits to the deepest, most inaccessible parts of your consciousness, there should in principle be nothing you regret in your past. It has, after all, combined uniquely to bring you to your current position in life. If not, you still have ample opportunity to change or rectify it – there is a whole future ahead of you, an undefined period in which to do things, so do.

In that vein, no, there is nothing I regret that has happened in my past, be within or out of my control, because I am content with the present, what there is, and even what there isn’t. Life, by all accounts, is good. And the future will be spent making it better.

Jack out.


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A small-time traveller in a big-time world

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