About your fascinating blogger

Hi all.

I’m Jack, your fascinating blogger. Here’s a little introduction to my “witty, banterous, yet informative” blog.

Right now I’m a freelance, fully qualified teacher of English as a foreign language. Okay so I’m not actually doing any teaching at this point in time, but I figure it’s better calling myself freelance than unemployed. Additionally, you never know who’s reading, and there’s always the story of that guy who was hired on the basis of his blog posts.

I was an au pair in Italy for all of 2013 and then some, and was also teaching English in a paid capacity for the first time, so a bulk of my writing will be about my experiences with this. I compiled a twenty-four-part piece about my au pairing experiences, which start here

I am also a writer on a new website that brings together tales of au pairs, nannies and host families in a sort of digital campfire, so if you like what’s written here be sure to check it out for more of the same. If you have a moment, give them a ‘like’ for me!

I started writing in 2010 as a way to vent my frustrations at my university which was being led down the drain. Now, I’ve left university behind, and after working at a supermarket and a football stadium for a year and a half, I decided to up sticks and leave England completely. It was great, being able to find two jobs straight out of university, although even with both under my belt I was living at the family home and going nowhere.

Since those humble beginnings I’ve discussed a whole manner of things in these four walls, viewable in the tabs up top. Now I’m firmly on the path towards teaching English, expect this to influence my writing.

Expect anything mentioned in this introduction to arise in my posts, usually in an unusual yet insightful way. Also expect the unexpected.

Jack out.


P.S. You can access my entire online presence through this link.

P.P.S I love hearing what you think of what I write, so please tell me.

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